A note on Diagonal Flying

If you are reading this and wondering why only a few files have appeared so far in this workshop - then check the SLACK channel for updates as to why this is happening. Rest assured the material will be uploaded, but in a staggered way whilst wifi signals are weak and I resume my nomadic lifestyle once more. If you are reading this when all the files are available, then ignore above comment :)

The Diagonal Flying workshop marks an important point in our training for a number of reasons.

First, it marks the half way point in our journey together. I'm hoping that the basics have now been learnt: footwork, waist-work, co-ordination, timing, balance and breath. Now, in these last 6 workshops we can build on those foundations and begin to bring it all together.

Secondly, our journey together comes at a moment when the world around us is visibly changing with each passing week. An ageing population (ever more numerous) is writing the future for the younger generations (often, it appears, against their wishes). It is a tumultuous time in which more than ever we need the skills of listening, yielding and rooting. We need to be communicative, flexible and understanding in the face of dogmatism and myopia.

Fortunately, Tai Chi teaches us these skills and how to employ them in our daily lives - and it teaches us all of this without doctrine. So let's see if we can persuade others to join us on our journey these final 6 months together. If you are not teaching, think about using the material you have acquired to introduce others to the art. Whether it be for health, meditation, martial or philosophical reasons - the shared path is always preferable.

Enjoy Learning to fly without wings.

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