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  Learning Tai Chi


Learning Tai Chi in the 21st Century is not an easy task.

There are just so many schools, styles and teachers, how can anyone know what is right for them?

I'm the teapotmOnk, I've been teaching Tai Chi for 25 years and I know it is difficult to commit to a new class for a lot of different reasons:

  • Sometimes the day of the week is not right for your work schedule.
  • Sometimes the hour of the day is not right for your family commitments.
  • Sometimes the location is too far away.
  • Sometimes the class moves at too fast a pace for you.
  • Sometimes, the local teacher is not right for you.
  • Sometimes, it's simply because you didn't get a chance to really try it out first..

This is why I've created a mini-series for anyone who is considering learning Tai Chi. By following the exercises in this mini-series you will not only understand a little more about the art but also:

VIDEO 1: Learn to adjust your posture in order to reduce muscle tension, and joint wear and tear

VIDEO 2: Learn to walk and move with soft joints, soft muscles and in better balance

VIDEO 3: Learn to breathe more deeply, and to restore lost energy in your body

Each video is less than 10 minutes so you will quickly get an idea of how we practice and how (most importantly) we can incorporate these practices into our daily lives.

I hope you not only enjoy the videos, but benefit from them too. For that is my aim, that you learn something useful and something you can employ in your daily life.

Beyond that, at the end of video 3, you will find links for further study, a discount for any other course you take up, as well as ways to contact me.

Paul Read (the teapotmOnk)

PS. If you have already done some Tai Chi, you may want to jump right into the full 12 month course that explores the philosophy, literature, history of Tai Chi as well as all the Qi Gong practices, the Tai Chi Form and accompanying exercises. If you think you are ready for that, then take a look at what the course offers here.